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Title Buying Organisation Publish Date Response Deadline Details
701056405 - Supply and Delivery of Welding Helmets Ministry of Defence 29/04/2021 28/05/2021 View
Lease Agreement for the Supply of Heavy Goods Vehicles Trailers (HGV) CADENT GAS LIMITED 29/04/2021 27/05/2021 View
Legal Case Management System Cumbria County Council 29/04/2021 01/06/2021 View
Design, supply, delivery and installation of a Cyber-Physical Manufacturing Rig for the Greater Birmingham & Solihull Institute of Technology (GBS-IoT) Aston University 29/04/2021 28/05/2021 View
Lease Agree For The Supply of Forklift Trucks and Associated Assisted Handling Equipment CADENT GAS LIMITED 29/04/2021 27/05/2021 View
Framework Agreement for the Hire of Large Plant (some with Operator) 2021 - 2023 (2025) Wigan Council 29/04/2021 02/06/2021 View
Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Scotland Excel 29/04/2021 29/06/2021 View
2868/JN - Solid State 532nm Pump Laser and TiSa Tuneable Laser System UNIVERSITY OF SHEFFIELD 29/04/2021 27/05/2021 View
Consultancy Support to Windermere Ferry Cumbria County Council 29/04/2021 19/05/2021 View
Renewable Energy Framework - Wind Associated British Ports 28/04/2021 21/05/2021 View
RA301919 - Prince's Trust RFQ for Auction Bid Technology The Prince's Trust 28/04/2021 17/05/2021 View
GB-London: OPA T404 OFD Loch Striven - ROSOV & Platform Installation - Tank 19 The Oil and Pipelines Agency 28/04/2021 04/06/2021 View
Highways England Remote Maintenance Access Service 2 (RMAS2) - Market Engagement Highways England 28/04/2021 25/05/2021 View
Renewable Energy Framework - Wind Associated British Ports 27/04/2021 21/05/2021 View
Reactor Void Water Diversion Project CTM Portal for the NDA Shared Services Alliance 27/04/2021 07/06/2021 View
FW0070 - Building Maintenance Framework Agreement Forestry and Land Scotland 27/04/2021 04/06/2021 View
2021-27-RIS-LW - ERDF Funder - IIT FOR a Matrix-assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) imaging Mass Spectrometer. Sheffield Hallam University 27/04/2021 27/05/2021 View
Geotechnical Works Framework Forestry and Land Scotland 27/04/2021 31/05/2021 View
PIN - Frost-Point Hygrometer National Physical Laboratory 27/04/2021 26/05/2021 View
PIN - 300kV Filter Wheel Rotation National Physical Laboratory 27/04/2021 26/05/2021 View
GB-Newcastle: T20/0047 University of Northumbria at Newcastle 27/04/2021 18/05/2021 View
HS2 Supply Chain opportunities HS2 27/04/2021 31/12/2021 View
Flexible Framework for Vocational and Skills Based Interventions North Lanarkshire Council 26/04/2021 24/05/2021 View
Metal Melting/Casting Test Rig United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 26/04/2021 24/05/2021 View
Medium Weight Adaptable Rescue Pumps Scottish Fire and Rescue Service 26/04/2021 27/05/2021 View
Paisley Museum Re-Imagined Project – Exhibition Fit-out Contract Renfrewshire Council 26/04/2021 24/05/2021 View
North Lanarkshire Council – Enterprise Strategic Commercial Partnership North Lanarkshire Council 26/04/2021 04/06/2021 View
Provision of Marine Civil Engineering Consultancy Services - Small Ports, Ferry Terminals and Jetties Shetland Islands Council (Utilities) 26/04/2021 24/05/2021 View
PIN - Tuners and accessories for load-pull capability National Physical Laboratory 26/04/2021 28/05/2021 View