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Awards 2023
Title Buying Organisation Publish Date Response Deadline Details
Non Active Drain Water Treatment Plant Works Dounreay a Division of Magnox Limited 20/02/2024 22/03/2024 View
Digital, Creative & Tech Sectors & International Growth Support The Growth Company 16/02/2024 04/03/2024 View
Water Sampling - across CNTW Group NTW Solutions Limited 16/02/2024 18/03/2024 View
Independent Certification Sellafield Ltd 16/02/2024 01/04/2024 View
NEPO419 Workwear and PPE THE ASSOCIATION OF NORTH EAST COUNCILS LIMITED 16/02/2024 21/03/2024 View
Walking and Cycling Infrastructure West Yorkshire Combined Authority 16/02/2024 15/03/2024 View
PRO004765-Services-Framework-Network Modelling United Utilities Water Limited 16/02/2024 01/04/2024 View
Shore Power Unit - ORE/23/132 Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult 16/02/2024 15/03/2024 View
Windermere Ferry 'Mallard' Refit Westmorland and Furness Council 15/02/2024 08/03/2024 View
Powder Mill for Non-active Graphite Matrix Plant National Nuclear Laboratory 15/02/2024 05/03/2024 View
Roof and Cladding Refurbishment Works at Gateway Lancaster Lancaster City Council 15/02/2024 04/03/2024 View
HR and Payroll Managed Service Support Scottish Canals 15/02/2024 01/04/2024 View
SSR-6 Compliant Drop Testing of Large Steel Package International Nuclear Services Ltd 15/02/2024 01/04/2024 View
NNC- Closed Landfill Site Technical Support North Northamptonshire Council 15/02/2024 25/03/2024 View
PRO004751-Works-Framework-Minor Works United Utilities Water Limited 14/02/2024 11/03/2024 View
STEP Design Innovation and Validation of TF Cable Prototype and S Coil Prototype United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority 14/02/2024 01/04/2024 View
Moving and Handling Training Sheffield City Council 14/02/2024 06/03/2024 View
Fusion21 Material Supply and Associated Services Framework Fusion21 Members Consortium 14/02/2024 13/03/2024 View
Healthwatch Services Cumberland Cumberland Council 14/02/2024 13/03/2024 View
Performing leach tests on samples containing plutonium in an oxygen-free environment NATIONAL NUCLEAR LABORATORY LIMITED 14/02/2024 18/04/2024 View
Provision of Surface Plasmon Resonance Equipment University of Central Lancashire e-Tendering System 14/02/2024 08/03/2024 View
PPE, Workwear, Janitorial and Site Equipment Supplies Framework EFFICIENCY EAST MIDLANDS LIMITED 13/02/2024 05/04/2024 View
Biomass Fuel Supply Lancaster University 13/02/2024 07/03/2024 View
Supply and Delivery of Reclaimed Mill Flags Westmorland and Furness Council 13/02/2024 08/03/2024 View
Play Area Equipment and Surfacing for Siver me Timbers Play Area, Maryport Cumberland Council 13/02/2024 15/03/2024 View
Interactive Splash Pad at Shiver me Timbers Play Area, Maryport Cumberland Council 13/02/2024 15/03/2024 View
PIN & RFI regarding Regulatory Transport Safety Case Services International Nuclear Services 13/02/2024 11/03/2024 View
Understanding physical properties of settled Zirconium Molybdate (ZM) solid beds NATIONAL NUCLEAR LABORATORY LIMITED 13/02/2024 08/03/2024 View
RFI - Supplier Capability for Manufacturing a Test Model Transport Package International Nuclear Services 13/02/2024 11/03/2024 View
Internal Audit Services South Lakes Housing 12/02/2024 06/03/2024 View