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Awards 2024

Organisational Health for Performance

As the owner of a rapidly growing SME I am continually looking for ways in which I can make our business a place that not only people want to join but a business that our employees do not want to leave. In a world where “I’m so stressed” or “work is hectic at the moment” is an everyday thought to most people we try to counteract this with healthy working conditions, flexibility, and an open and honest working environment. However, with that said our office is a constant buzz of activity, the phone rings all day, the emails come in constant streams, and we have an NHS contract that requires multiple ASAP requests each day. This can mean that before we realise, we are 3 hours past lunch time, we have absentmindedly eaten a sandwich or bag of crisps at our desk and had no real break time.

After attending the event, which was extremely engaging and presented in a way that kept everyone’s attention from start to finish, eating “aldesko” is a thing of the past at No Name Travel. I really enjoyed the whole session, my background and interest in psychology meant it wasn’t entirely new territory, but it was interesting to refresh and take on board the biological and physiological effects of stress on the mind and body as well as psychological. I took away many ideas that I can apply to my own business to make our office a more relaxed and productive place to work, which I know our team will be grateful for. I highly recommend this event to any organisation, regardless of your sector. The content is applicable to any business, as well as to home and social life. By applying the insights gained from this session, businesses can improve performance, reduce sickness, and manage health concerns more effectively. Thank you to Zoe and Mark at Adapt and Evolve Consultancy for a great event. Going forward, I promise to "Be More Gazelle.”

Kind regards

Vicky Brown

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