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The Craic

Welcome to "The Craic"

Hello and welcome to the latest addition to our website. After coming into post in June I noticed we had a space for members to upload news articles and a place for members to communicate with each other on the Forum but we didn't have anywhere for that more informal and public communication that a blog is ideal for.

We've named it "The Craic" to reflect that informality. You often hear the phrase "What's the craic" in West Cumbria, indeed I use it frequently myself. It's a term that covers news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation, and was brought to the area by the Irish tin miners when they came over the sea.

If you have comments to make on recent local or national news or a thought leadership piece on a subject people will be interested in this is the place for it.

We'll pick up on the blogs for social media and newsletter posts to amplify your message.

All members can add a blog from their dashboard in the member area of the website and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the craic as we move forward.


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