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Why Provide a Work Uniform?

Since I started working at Liberty Work & Leisure, I've often been asked: "Why should we bother spending money on a work uniform?"; so, if you're wondering the same, here are just a few reasons/benefits that we regularly hear from our customers.

Enhance Your Business Image

Providing an appropriate work uniform creates a professional business image and raises the profile of the business.

Increase Brand Awareness

Consistently displaying your brand, logos and colours. Employees become walking billboards for your business.

Easy Identification & Improved Customer Experience

By wearing a uniform, employees immediately stand out from the crowd and can be easily identified as being a point for customer contact.

Increased Security

By clearly identifying who is and is not part of the team, you can easily identify anyone in areas where they should not be. This can be extended to colour-coding your uniform for different teams/departments.

Boost Productivity

Providing a uniform can help to increase a sense of belonging to a team and can in turn improve productivity.

Recruitment & Retention

Saving your staff money is a great benefit and can be a useful recruitment tool to attract new members while fostering loyalty within your team.

And of course, sometimes you’re just legally obliged to

For a lot of job roles, you must provide PPE. so, you may as well have it branded with your corporate identity for all the reasons above!

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