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When it comes to Wellbeing, why moments of disruption and distraction matter.

A number of years ago I read 'Moments of Truth' by Jan Carlzon and was blown away by the simplicity and ingenuity of his approach to leadership and how SAS Airlines were able to go from the brink of failure to success by delivering market leading customer experiences that focused on what customers really valued.

I've used Moments of Truth to help a broad range of businesses across Hire, Financial Services, Logistics, Retail Supply Chain, Legal and Employee Benefits sectors think differently about their businesses. However, Moments of Truth are positive outcome measures, what Jan actually focused on and fixed were Moments of Disappointment and their root causes.

Moments of Disappointment are customer experiences that don't meet their expectations and are usually the result of an operational failure; I call these events Moments of Disruption.

Moments of Disruption are when we don't get things quite right or something goes disastrously wrong. They result from people, system or product failures however the ultimate root cause is usually human error; a moment in time when the employee is not psychological engaged in work but engaged in something else; I call events Moments of Distraction.

Moments of Distraction are usually the workplace outcomes of wellbeing issues. In these moments employees are physically present but aren't engaged psychologically in work; they are focused on their own wellbeing issues. These work and/or life challenges can be physical, social, mental, financial, societal or professional in nature but when combined they define our overall Wellbeing Status.

Wellbeing Status fluctuates constantly, often without immediate consequence to the business or the employee however over time wellbeing challenges can erode morale and ultimately customer confidence.

If businesses want to consistently deliver value to customers they must understand and minimise Moments of Disruption and Distraction and ensure higher levels of employee wellbeing. There is no point investing vast sums each year assessing employee engagement, notwithstanding the statistical insignificance of these results, if you don't fix the root causes of disappointment and distraction i.e., poor wellbeing.

At My Wellbeing Index we help our clients measure the employee wellbeing experience, identify employee wellbeing challenges, signpost wellbeing solutions and track wellbeing levels so that employee wellbeing is a priority, not a minority, measure.

The biggest challenges when addressing employee wellbeing is where do you start and how do you know it's working. Our free to use Employee Wellbeing Audit allows organisations to identify wellbeing challenges, capture wellbeing needs and create a Company Wellbeing Plan. If you want to know more about measuring, managing and reporting wellbeing drop me a line,

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